Step Two:Remediation

2. Remediation

The next step is to help clean up and restore irrigation system efficiency after fouling has occurred. We will propose a two stage remediation program, one to help dissolve any mineral build up and weaken the organic cell walls with acid, and two to dissolve any organic build up with an oxidizer. Another distribution uniformity test will be performed after the remediation has been performed to physically see the differences in the emitter output. 

Our two stage remediation process will help clean up both mineral scaling and biological growth within your irrigation system. A Water Logic™ Services Technical Service Representative (TSR) will develop a personalized plan to specifically treat the problems within your irrigation system. Our field technicians will be there every step of the way to perform the remediation and give you updates on the treatment plan and process. 

Mineral Decomposition/Scaling: Mineral and metal deposits can accumulate over time making the inside diameter of the mainlines smaller reducing the amount of water available while driving up pumping cost. Our TSR’s will develop a plan using sulfuric acid to help make all the deposits soluble so that they can be flushed out. 

Biological/Organic: During the peak heat of the summer months, biological bacteria and slime thrive inside of the drip hose and sub-mains. Our TSR’s can assist in picking the right oxidizer/sanitizers to clean out that slimy build up and return those emitters to operating standards. 

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