Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of irrigation problems can be corrected?

Water Logic™ Services treats irrigation systems for both organic and mineral fouling deposition.

2. Will Water Logic™ products get rid of sodium in my irrigation water?

There are formulations that do work specifically for sodium/salt concerns. We would refer this type of situation to our agronomy team.

3. What if my water quality varies throughout the growing season?

Water Logic™ Services has the capability to change our program based upon a multitude of variations. Your water is scientifically tested during our regular on-site visits and adjustments are made for necessary rate or product changes.

4. What if my flow rates vary from set to set?

The Water Logic™ systems have a flow meter and reader that will automatically adjust feed pumps according to proportional flow rate.

5. How do I know that your uniformity test procedures are accurate?

The Water Logic™ Services uniformity test is modeled after University protocol and created by irrigation industry experts.

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